Fine Tune Your Intuition

FINE TUNING is the art of changing with the times. Connecting with your intuition makes it natural.

When you use the natural gifts of your 6 senses to connect with what you want, need and must deal with, in order to get results in your life that make it feel right in the present, you are in sync with yourself.

You're in control.

Why fine tune?

When we take our senses for granted, we make decisions based on analytical thought rather than focusing on what feels right.

If you feel stuck, confused, as if something is not right when it comes to your eating or diet. It might be time to connect with your sixth sense.

Fine Tuning, Connecting With Your Inner Power

Give Yourself Every Chance

Become aware of your intuition. Have you ever had a feeling that someone was watching you and turned around to find it true?

Have you ever had a feeling that something was terribly wrong, and it was?

How many decisions have you made because “it felt right?”

Known as our sixth sense, intuition is a big part of our lives. Everyone is born with it.

Do you feel stuck, confused, as if something is not right with your eating or diet?

It might be time to connect with your 6th sense and get some satisfaction.

Because we're used to ignoring it, we don’t always know how to use our 6th sense to get the amazing benefits.

Being aware of your senses is how to go through life's challenges and come out feeling good.

It has been said that if you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up. Fine Tuning will do that.

Imagine how you want body to feel and look.

Take a breath and remember what makes you feel good as you focus on where you want to be. This is the beginning.

Your 6th sense keeps you in touch with your body and emotions. The long-term result is you like your body and yourself.

The only way to fine tune your senses is by using them.

Once you learn to master your five senses, your sixth sense falls into place.

You will be surprised by what you discover.

Intuition is your inner drive that puts you on the path of possibility.

Connect with the sum of your potential.

It’s always available.

Learn how to tap into what matters to you on demand.

Open to any page and discover a soundbite of insight.

Hold the book in your hands, think about what's on your mind then open the book and connect.

This is the beginning of the rest of your life! Don't be afraid to be your best!

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goals."

Using the intuitive tools keeps your eyes on your goals.

Everyone is a work in progress. Give yourself a chance.

Give every day your best effort. You deserve it!

Know when you're really hungry and be in sync with your body.


Discovering diet habits don't relate to your body is like learning you've been paying for something that you never received.

It's a relief to stop paying.

Being happy with your body is not about your weight, it's about you.

Eating is normal and when you tune-in to your body at mealtime,it relaxes. You digest food most efficiently when your body is relaxed.

You're naturally in control of what you eat by tuning-in to your body, not by following a plan where you ignore your body.

Diets create stress and your body is put in a state of confusion.

The result is often an emotional response - binging. It's logical to feed physical hunger when you eat. Emotional hunger is never satisfied by food.

Intuition is a total support system that connects with what you value to balance your emotions, appetite and personality.

Your 5 senses connect you with physical hunger and the intuitive tools connect with confidence, dignity and self-esteem so these are part of your eating choices.

Isn't it time to decide feeling good is worth the effort?

It's a relief to stop ignoring your body. Eating intuitively is being in sync with yourself.

Think out of the box and break the self-defeating 'diet' habits.

Learn to follow your senses to relate to hunger and your tools to stay in sync with your self-respect.

It feels so good that it becomes automatic.

Don't feed your diet. Feed your body.